Dr Collen Kajongwe

Adjunct Faculty at ESAMI

Dr Collen Kajongwe is a Senior Lecturer and Research Coordinator in the Department of Human Resources Management at Manicaland State University of Applied Sciences in Zimbabwe. Dr Kajongwe has supervised a significant number of Masters and undergraduate students. Currently he is supervising 9 PhD students in Human Resources Management. He is an external Examiner for Doctorate students, appointed as an expert reviewer of Human Resources Management modules for both Masters and Undergraduate Degree Programmes by Zimbabwe Council of Higher Education (ZIMCHE). His research interests are in Human Resources Analytics, Human Resources Information Systems, Labour Law, Management of SMEs, Strategic Human Resources Management, Strategic Change Management, Strategic Leadership, Corporate Governance, and Industrial Sociology. Dr Collen Kajongwe has researched extensively and published in peer reviewed journals, Book Chapters, Book of Abstracts and presented research papers in various International research conferences.

To-date, Dr Kajongwe has published 70 research papers, 40 Book of Abstracts, 28 Book Chapters, 4 Books, presented 74 research papers at International conferences. Currently 20 research papers have gone under review awaiting publications in 2023.

  • PhD in Human Resources Management (Chinhoyi University of Technology)
  • Master of Science in Human Resources Management (Great Zimbabwe University)
  • Master of Science in Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution (Zimbabwe Open University)
  • Bachelor of Social Science in Human Resources Management (Great Zimbabwe University)
  • Diploma in Communications and Journalism (Christian College of Southern Africa).
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  • Kajongwe, C; Muchongwe, N & Chatiza, K. (2021). Dynamics of Toxic Leadership and    Sustainability of Selected Artisanal Mining Sector in Mashonaland West Province in      Zimbabwe. Journal of African Interdisciplinary Studies, 5(6), 115 – 133.
  • Kajongwe, C.,Tukuta,M.,Ngorora-Madzimure, G.P.K. (2019): Human capital Optimisation for        Productive use in Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises            (SMEs) in         Zimbabwe. August, 2019 University of Da ersalam, Tanzania. ISSN         Number2591-6750.
  • Kajongwe, C (2021). Dynamics of Total Quality Management Practices on Performance of Manufacturing  Small to Medium Enterprises in           Zimbabwe. The Centre for       Democracy,     Research and Development (CEDRED), Nairobi: ISBN 978-9966-116-57-4
  • Masamba T, Nzero I & Kajongwe C (2023) Precarious Employment and Innovation of Retail Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Sector in Zvimba District, Zimbabwe(5th Chinhoyi University of             Technology International Conference 12-17 February 2023).
  • Tsvuura O,I, Sifile O, Manuere F & Kajongwe C (2023) The Effect of Executive Compensation on Financial Performance of Local Authorities in Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe. (5th      Chinhoyi University of Technology International Conference 12-17 February 2023).