Masters in Entrepreneurship


The programme is designed to benefit individual, organizations and the entire society in Africa. Entrepreneurial activities are highly promoted the world over. In every society the need for new business cannot be overemphasized. Existing organizations also require creative ideas and innovations that would make them exploit and develop new business approaches, as well as expansion, diversification and enhancement of competitive position. All these are career opportunities for students in this program.


The program is structured in such a way to combine on-site learning activities with off-site activities. The intensive on-site learning activities are preceded by preparatory reading and related exercises for submission to the school. There is also post-session follow up work involving activities like problem solving assignment, paper writing based on field research, and independent reading. Along with a highly intensive and motivating curriculum, students will have time to pursue an Entrepreneurial Project on their own. The projects will be presented to a panel of bankers and or micro-finance institutions with possibility for securing loan/financing to feasible and sound projects. A highly qualified teaching staff and experienced business mentors will assist students in developing their business projects.

The program consists of the following broad modules and an entrepreneurial project
1. Entrepreneurial Process and Opportunity Recognition
2. Entrepreneurial Marketing
3. Feasibility Analysis
4. Entrepreneurial Finance and Resource Acquisition
5. Managing New Venture Growth
6. Commercial and Intellectual Property Law
7. Management and Organizational Change
8. Managerial Economics
9. Research Methods
10. Statistical Analysis.
11. Entrepreneurial Project

The program is offered on a part – time basis. Students are required for on-site sessions at program venue for three to four weeks after every three months making total of nineteen classroom weeks. Thereafter they will undertake research leading to their entrepreneurial projects for five to six months at places of their choice.

Application Procedure

Candidates must submit an application form with the following:
i. Certified copy of degree or professional certificate
ii. Copy of official transcript
iii. Current curriculum vitae
iv. At least one letter of recommendation from a person who is in a position to judge the candidate’s ability
v. A non-refundable processing fee of US$ 30

Admission Criteria

Admission requirements for Master Programme in Entrepreneurship will be as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or equivalent
  • Internationally recognized full professional qualification
  • Proficiency in both spoken and written English