Fostering Enterprise Innovations

Start: Feb 19, 2024
End: Mar 1, 2024
Venue: ESAMI Headquarters - Arusha - Tanzania
Format: Two Weeks
Duration: 2 weeks
Statement of Need

Being open to creativity and willing to innovate upon existing processes is critical to adapting to the ever-changing demands of the market and often facilitates substantial opportunities for growth. Businesses that are resistant to change can quickly find themselves obsolete and struggling to maintain market share.

This programme integrates economic and market theories to develop a framework for creative thinking that leads to specification of society needs for specific solutions. The focus is on understanding the processes of learning, creativity and innovation in business practice, and knowing how to sustain your business as a relevant provider of viable solutions to society.

Who Attends

Those senior officials in policy making positions in government, SMEs and industry who have an interest in enhancing a productively creative and innovative society and heads of vocational training institutions, will benefit from receiving this training.

How participants will benefit

At the end of programme, participants will be able to:

  • Describe steps to practical innovation;
  • Identify potential areas and opportunities for innovation in enterprise;
  • Identify various types of innovation and how they apply to different situations;
  • Exhibit higher levels of innovation and having an open mind in embracing innovation.
  • Explore and assess intellectual property rights and patenting;
  • Analyze market innovations
  • Enhance technology transfer and commercialization

US$ 1600 to cover tuition and training materials only.