Business Process Reengineering

Start: Aug 19, 2024
End: Aug 23, 2024
Venue: Dubai - UAE
Format: One week
Duration: 1 week
Statement of Need

Business processes are a set of interrelated activities which are used to produce and deliver goods and services to customers. The efficiency of business processes contributes , to a very large extent, to producing high quality goods and services. The opposite is true. In turn, the higher the quality of goods and services, the higher the levels of customer satisfaction. In turn, the higher the customer loyalty levels hence revenues earned by the organization. Thus efficient business processes makes good business sense.

Who Attends

Middle and senior managers in public and private enterprises responsible for efficiency programmes, programme/ project managers, economists, planners, production managers and marketing managers

How participants will benefit

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Contextualize BPR in your organization;
  • Apply comprehensive methodology for analyzing current business processes;
  • Design and effectively implement reengineered business processes;
  • Monitor and evaluate reengineered business processes.

US$ 1600 to cover tuition and training materials only.