Public Procurement Processes and Management

Start: Oct 2, 2023
End: Oct 20, 2023
Venue: Lilongwe - Malawi
Duration: 3 weeks
Start: Mar 11, 2024
End: Mar 29, 2024
Venue: Kampala - Uganda
Duration: 3 weeks
Statement of Need

Public procurement is the acquisition of goods, services, and works by a public “authority” or “body”. Transactions of this nature are public undertakings and, therefore, they are governed by public procurement act and regulations. Constituting one of the main expenditures of government in developing countries, the importance of public procurement cannot be denied. Needless to say, any improvements in the public procurement system can have a direct and beneficial effect on the overall economic situation of a country.

Given the significance of resources controlled through public procurement systems and the need for improvement, this programme will help the participant explore in a short period of time key facets that govern the public procurement process. In addition, this programme will focus on contracts entered into by the public authorities/governments (whether central, local, county and parastatal), for the purposes of procurement of goods, services and works. Finally, this programme will also look into various dispute resolution mechanisms applicable in a public procurement context.

Who Attends

Officials from a wide array of departments involved in public procurement and management.

How participants will benefit

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Interpret their country’s Public Procurement Act and Regulations;
  • Distinguish the various methods and procedures of domestic and international tendering system;
  • Interpret a public procurement contract and be able to assist in its execution;
  • Select the applicable method for resolution of disputes in public procurement contracts.

2200 USD to cover tuition and training materials only