Improving Interpersonal Relations at Work

Start: Dec 4, 2023
End: Dec 15, 2023
Venue: ESAMI Headquarters - Arusha - Tanzania
Duration: 2 weeks
Statement of Need

The importance of effective people skills will never diminish at workplaces even with the advent of new information communication technology (ICT). The new technologies have certainly sped up the way things get done in the modern workplace but have also raised the expectations of how fast things need to get done. Today, people do not say they need something done tomorrow. They need it ‘yesterday’. With the advent of technology, work in many ways has become easier and faster, but work-related tensions are probably higher than ever before. Stress is everywhere and always and we all know that when tensions are high, the potential for friction between individuals rises proportionately. It does not matter what area of the economy you are in because the same forces are at play everywhere. No matter what your line of work, level of authority, professional career, your degree of success depends on your ability to interact effectively with other people. Effective interpersonal skills are one of the major key factors for effective people management this programme is offering. 

Who Attends

The programme is particularly suitable for lower and middle-level managers.

How participants will benefit

At the end of the performance, participants will be able to :

  • Communicate assertively as a leader with all stakeholders;
  • Motivate subordinates uniquely but appropriately to foster effective

people mobilization, empowerment and alignment towards achieving organizational goals;

  • Apply management principles to manage diverse individuals and groups;
  • Explain self and social awareness;
  • Explain self and relationship management;
  • Apply management principles to delegate tasks and team development;



US$ 1500 to cover tuition and training materials only