Gender Mainstreaming & Inclusion for Legislatures

Start: Jan 1, 1970
End: Jan 1, 1970
Venue: Victoria - Seychelles
Duration: 0 weeks
Statement of Need

Gender equality is a fundamental principle of democratic societies and is  essential for the full participation of all citizens in the political, economic,  and social spheres. Parliamentarians play a key role in promoting  gender equality and addressing gender-based discrimination through  the development of laws, regulations, and policies. A course on gender  and equality can help parliamentarians understand the issues related  to gender equality and develop the skills needed to effectively promote  gender equality.

Who Attends
  • All parliamentarians and their staff, as well as civil servants and  other government officials involved in the development of laws,  regulations, and policies related to gender and equality. 
  • The course is also suitable for NGO representatives, academics, and  journalists who are interested in gender equality and the role of  parliamentarians in promoting gender equality.
How participants will benefit
  • Understand the concepts of gender and gender-based  discrimination and the impact of gender inequality on society
  • Understand laws, policies, and programs aimed at promoting  gender equality and addressing gender-based discrimination
  • Develop skills for effectively advocating for gender equality and  promoting gender-responsive policies