Digital Marketing

Start: Nov 18, 2024
End: Nov 29, 2024
Venue: Mombasa - Kenya
Duration: 2 weeks
Statement of Need

The Digital Marketing programme is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the strategies, tools, and techniques used in digital marketing to reach, engage, and convert online audiences. In this programme, participants will explore various digital marketing channels and learn how to create effective campaigns to promote products, services, and brands in the digital landscape. From social
media marketing to search engine optimization, this programme equips learners with the skills needed to thrive in the dynamic world of digital

Who Attends

The Digital Marketing programme is suitable for marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, recent graduates, and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in the field of digital marketing.

How participants will benefit

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of digital marketing and its role in today’s business landscape.
  • Explore different digital marketing channels, including social media, search engines, email, and content marketing.
  • Learn how to develop and implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.
  • Acquire skills in using digital marketing tools and platforms effectively.
  • Analyze and interpret digital marketing metrics to measure campaign success.
  • Master techniques for creating engaging and compelling digital content.
  • Understand the importance of user experience (UX) in digital marketing campaigns.
  • Explore the ethical and legal considerations in digital marketing