Data Analysis and Visualizations

Start: May 6, 2024
End: May 10, 2024
Venue: Mombasa - Kenya
Format: One week
Duration: 1 week
Statement of Need

In this programme, you will learn the fundamentals of data visualization using Tableau and Power BI. You will learn how to design effective
visualizations that help you gain insights from your data and communicate your findings to others. You will learn how to use data visualization techniques to make your data more accessible, meaningful, and actionable

Who Attends

This programme is ideal for professionals who want to learn how todesign effective visualizations using Tableau and Power BI. It is suitable
for data analysts, data scientists, business analysts, and anyone interested in using data visualization to communicate insights from data

How participants will benefit

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of data visualization in data analysis and decision-making.
  • Learn about different types of data visualizations and their respective use cases.
  • Explore the key principles and best practices for effective data visualization.
  • Getting Started with Tableau and Power BI:
    • Install and set up Tableau and Power BI software.
    • Navigate the user interface and understand essential features and functionalities.
    • Connect various data sources to Tableau and Power BI for visualization.
  • Data Preparation and Transformation:
    • Learn data preparation techniques to clean, filter, and transform raw data for visualization.
    • Understand how to handle missing data and outliers to ensure accurate representations.
    • Work with data structures such as tables, joins, and blending data from multiple sources.
  • Creating Basic Visualizations:
    • Build foundational visualizations such as bar charts, line graphs, scatter plots, and pie charts.
    • Customize visual elements to enhance clarity, readability, and aesthetics.
    • Implement basic interactivity to explore data through filters, hierarchies, and parameters.
  • Advanced Visualization Techniques:
    • Explore advanced chart types, including heat maps, tree maps, and geographic maps.
    • Utilize dual-axis and combination charts for more complex data representation.
    • Create dynamic and animated visualizations for time-based and dynamic data.
  • Dashboard Design and Layout:
    • Design interactive dashboards to present insights effectively.
    • Structure dashboards for storytelling and conveying a coherent datadriven narrative.
    • Implement user-friendly navigation and filtering options within the dashboards.
  • Data Analytics with Tableau and Power BI:
    • Integrate analytics features to perform calculations, forecasts, and trend analysis.
    • Use calculated fields and parameters to enhance data exploration capabilities.
    • Apply statistical techniques and data modeling within the visualization tools.
  • Data Interactivity and Collaboration:
    • Enable user interactivity through filters, actions, and parameter controls.
    • Learn to share visualizations and dashboards with stakeholders in Tableau and Power BI.
    • Collaborate with team members by publishing, embedding, and exporting visualizations.

US$ 1250 to cover tuition and training materials only.