Business Law For Non Lawyers

Start: Dec 11, 2023
End: Dec 15, 2023
Venue: Dubai - UAE
Duration: 1 week
Statement of Need

Professionals make decisions every day on behalf of their organizations. A good number of those transactions take place without a full appreciation of the nature and scope of the obligations. In addition, some of the agreements that are drafted following such decisions are either not properly crafted or crafted without fully considering the surround legal environment, thereby resulting in confusion and difficulty in fulfilling the mutual obligations. This course is consequently designed to enhance the professional development of the participants that have no legal background with key legal issues in business processes in understanding the impact of various facets of business law on their transactions. This will be achieved through simplified coverage of relevant elements of contract law, law of torts, consumer protection law, competition law, employment law and law relating to business.


The course is therefore designed to give participants the knowledge, understanding, practical skills and fundamental grounding in the key areas of business law that are important for working in both the corporate and statutory environments of today.


Who Attends

Business owners, marketing managers, business development managers, contract managers, project managers, office managers, purchasing personnel, city/town assembly projects supervisors, subcontractors.


How participants will benefit

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate how the law regulates business behavior;
  • Understand the key issues concerning contract formation including offer acceptance and apply this to factual scenarios;
  • Comprehend the key terminology used in contracts.
  • Grasp and analyse the structure and key provisions of a contract; 
  • Understand how to use contracts to manage business process and risk;
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of tortious liability principles;
  • Analyse the key torts that organizations may be liable for following wrongful acts by their employees;
  • Understand the practical impacts of consumer, competition and employment law on your business operations;
  • Comprehend the key business organisations (companies and partnerships), how they are structured and regulated.

 US$ 1150 to cover tuition and training materials only.