The Balanced Scorecard Bootcamp

Statement of Need

Many organizations are now embracing the balanced scorecard either as a strategic planning approach, a performance management system or as an approach for ensuring effective strategy implementation. A step-by-step practical and case-based methodology in developing corporate or institutional strategy maps and scorecards is what this course offers.

Who Attends

This course targets participants who have previously attended a balanced scorecard course and those that are leading the strategic plan development in their organizations. Those in charge of performance management in their organizations and with basic understanding of the balanced scorecard will benefit from the course. Participants should come with their strategic plans and laptops when attending the course.

How participants will benefit

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Use the balanced scorecard as a strategic planning approach;
• Develop key result areas that are balanced scorecard compliant;
• Develop strategy map for your organization’s strategic plan;
• Develop corporate scorecards that can be institutionalized upon return to their organizations;
• Cascade the corporate scorecard to lower levels;
• Identify the challenges and strategies for cascading the balanced scorecard;
• Use the balanced scorecard as a performance management system.


2300 USD To cover tuition and training materials only.