Perspectives on Cost Accounting for Public Sector

Start: Dec 9, 2024
End: Dec 13, 2024
Venue: ESAMI Headquarters - Arusha - Tanzania
Format: One week
Duration: 1 week
Statement of Need

Public sector organizations are regularly being challenged to improve on their performance in a very dynamic and resource constrained environment. One way to manage and improve performance in the public sector is to understand their costs and the behavior of factors that drive their costs. Better cost information enables public sector managers in decision making, reviewing and understanding how efficiently and effectively public resources are used. This programme therefore, provides a solid foundation in understanding costing in the public sector.

Who Attends

Accountants, finance officers, budget officers and managers who appreciate and apply cost accounting principles in their work.

How participants will benefit

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Appreciate the importance and role of cost accounting
• Understand the role of relevant costing in the public sector
• Appreciate how cost accounting assist public sector management processes
• Obtain information on the costing process from internal, external and investments made
• Obtain information for management analysis and control


US$ 1250 to cover tuition and training materials only.