Microsoft Office Management for Executive Assistants

Start: Oct 30, 2023
End: Nov 10, 2023
Duration: 2 weeks
Statement of Need

To confidently exploit the ICT potentials in-order to improve the delivery of services, there is need for a strategy to broaden the diffusion of ICT literacy across the board in an organization to include all administrative and secretarial functions. It is on this understanding that this course has been strategically designed to look at ICT as it fit into the overall picture of its execution of e-business. The programme aims at enhancing the organizational effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of services through the utilization of latest ICT systems. Through lab practicals, participants will be exposed to some of the advanced office software tools relevant for the overall execution of administrative and secretarial functions.

Who Attends

Executive assistants, personal secretaries and administrative/secretarial staff.

How participants will benefit

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Generate and update table of contents and insert table of figures;
  • Prepare standard letters, create and edit data source, and manage diverse mailing lists using mail merge;
  • Review document, track changes, add/delete comments and accept/ reject changes;
  • Create, set up, and print presentations with professional animation schemes incorporating pictures, shapes, charts and graphics;
  • Design and print quality publications with special effects, complex layouts and color schemes;
  • Create spreadsheets and database tables;
  • Manage emails with large attachments and various formats on-line.

1500 USD