Human Resource Management And Development

Start: Oct 23, 2023
End: Nov 10, 2023
Venue: ESAMI Headquarters - Arusha - Tanzania
Duration: 3 weeks
Statement of Need

An organization cannot build a good team of working professionals without good human resources. Human resources are the key ingredient in the production equation. Therefore, organizations need to strategically acquire, develop, utilize and maintain human resources effectively. 

Human resource management links people-related activities to business strategy. the course develops a critical understanding of the role and functions of the various human resource activities in an organisation, providing students with a comprehensive review of key hrm concepts, techniques and issues.

Who Attends

Middle and senior level officers/managers in human resource management and development as well as line managers.

How participants will benefit

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Develop competence in the management of human resource;
  • Build capacity to use essential HRM techniques;
  • Examine various HRM & D approaches and application.
  • Problem-solve human resource challenge.
  • Examine current issues, trends, practices, and processes in HR.
  • Effectively manage and plan key human resource functions within organizations

US$ 2200 to cover tuition and training materials only