Ethical Leadership

Statement of Need

Ethical Leadership is dedicated to developing leaders with the capacity to create expectations about ethical behavior that go beyond stated requirements in codes of ethics. Ethical leadership seeks to challenge long-standing habits and deeply held assumptions to enable decision-making that reflects moral behavior in leaders which are based on a solid ethical foundation, on trust and transparency.

The programme will offer organizations and their leaders frameworks and tools for thinking through ethical issues and identifying actions that are both effective and values based. Public managers need to instill and sustain the culture of public service integrity through the leadership and commitment and raise awareness of the integrity standards expected in the public service. Public managers need to develop concrete skills in collaboration, conflict resolution, ethical decision-making and inspiring diverse teams towards common goals

Who Attends

All holding management and leadership positions within the public service

How participants will benefit

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Explain integrity principles;
• Identify when rules and regulations might impede ethical decision-making and implementation;
• Develop a framework for responding wisely with careful consideration;
• Follow strong moral compass, tapping into the ethical leader within;
• Bring out the best in themselves and in the people and organizations they lead.


1500 USD To cover tuition and training materials only.