Electoral Conflict Management and Resolution

Start: Jun 17, 2024
End: Jun 21, 2024
Venue: ESAMI Headquarters - Arusha - Tanzania
Duration: 1 week
Statement of Need

The management of electoral conflicts and disputes is critical for the credibility and legitimacy of democratic processes. Electoral conflicts and disputes can arise from various sources, including political competition,
identity-based tensions, resource allocation, and election administration. These conflicts and disputes can lead to violence, instability, and a loss of public confidence in electoral processes. Electoral Commissions are responsible for ensuring free, fair, and credible elections, and conflict management and resolution are integral to this responsibility. Effective conflict management and resolution mechanisms can help prevent electoral violence and ensure that disputes are resolved peacefully and transparently.

Who Attends

This PROGRAMME is designed for Electoral Commission staff, political parties, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders involved in electoral processes.

How participants will benefit

* To equip participants with knowledge and skills on how to manage electoral conflicts and disputes effectively.
* To provide a platform for participants to share experiences and best practices on electoral conflict management.
* To develop participants’ capacity to prevent and resolve electoral conflicts in a peaceful and sustainable manner.

* Increased understanding of the challenges associated with managing electoral conflicts and disputes.

* Improved capacity to analyze, prevent and manage electoral conflicts and disputes.
* Enhanced skills in conflict resolution and mediation.
* Development of a network of practitioners for future collaboration and information sharing.