Developing And Implementing HIV/AIDS Workplace Programme

Start: Oct 2, 2023
End: Oct 13, 2023
Venue: Kampala - Uganda
Duration: 2 weeks
Statement of Need

The social and economic impact of the disease is intensified by the fact that AIDS kills primarily young and middle-aged adults during their peak productive and reproductive years. At the macro level, an effect of this nature on the workforce can impact the economies of entire countries. By reducing the labour supply and disposable incomes, AIDS impacts markets, savings rates, investment and consumer spending. 

At the micro level, businesses will feel the impact of HIV/AIDS most clearly through their workforce, with direct consequences for a organization’s bottom line. These include increased expenditures on medical and health insurance costs, funeral costs and death benefits, as well as recruitment and training needs due to lost HR. In addition, organizatins experience decreased revenues/service delivery as a result of higher absenteeism and staff turnover, reduced productivity, declining morale etc

This course will enable participants to achieve more skills in designing a policy which is in line with International Labour Organization guiding principles for policy development. Integrate the UN, ILO, SADC and EAC approaches. Incorporation of gender, human rights and reproductive health contemporary issues makes this course a unique one.

Who Attends

Human resource practitioners, policy makers, Board members, program managers, journalists and health management practitioners.

How participants will benefit

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Develop an HIV/AIDS Policy at the workplace
  • Prepare human resources budgets incorporating HIV/AIDS
  • Use guidelines provided by UN, ILO, SADC and EAC
  • Discuss gender issues and HIV/AIDS
  • Indicate appropriate steps that should be taken in prevention, advocacy and care

US$ 1500 to cover tuition and training materials only