Advanced Asset Management

Start: Nov 18, 2024
End: Dec 6, 2024
Venue: Kampala - Uganda
Duration: 3 weeks
Statement of Need

Organisations are spending huge sum of money in acquiring assets, yet the return on investment in most cases is less than satisfactory. In case it is not about a new asset it is about better services. This creates a need for
link between asset status and condition and the level of service. While the overriding objective is maximizing ROI, it appears that organisations are unable to leverage on their investment in assets for sustainable growth, anchored on strategic assets management and investments.

Who Attends

Property/asset managers, officers, accountants, stock officers, financial analysts and other staff whose work is closely related to asset management.

How participants will benefit

At the end of the Programme, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the link between required level of service and asset condition;
  • Acquire knowledge and skills for strategic and proactive asset management;
  • Develop framework for streamlining asset management operations;
  • Develop a criteria for asset management, disposal, renewal and replacement;
  • Explain strategies for asset value optimization and risk exposure minimization;
  • Develop comparative asset management decision models including strategic and tactical decisions;
  • Appreciate portfolio management;
  • Measure the costs of the assets over their lifetime;
  • Develop life-cycle budget for your assets.