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Diploma in Human Resource Management (DHRM)


Evidence from capacity needs assessment carried out in the sub-region indicated gaps in management and administration especially at supervisory level. This makes the need for skills enhancement in management and administration more imperative considering the issues of managing the present and the future "Fluid knowledge worker" in an increasingly competitive planning and operating environment. The diploma in human resource management program will therefore, inculcate into students the competencies in management and administration to address capacity gap identified. DHRM thus aims at improving and imparting intermediate knowledge, skills and positive attributes in human resource management to candidates so that at the end of the course, they will be able to carry out supervisory functions in business administrative duties in their organizations.

Further the program provides opportunity for graduates who may wish to enrol for further studies to Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management (BHRM) or other bachelor’s degree hence creating a multi entry source to the program.

The DHMA programme is offered in the evenings from 5:00pm - 10:00pm. These classes will run for two to three weeks in every two and a half to three months.


Programme Venues

The Diploma in Management and Administration programme will run at ESAMI centres in the region on a block release/ part-time basis.

Fees Payment

Fees payment is arranged by country and can be paid in instalments. Advance payments are made annually or per semester by arrangement. The fees cover tuition and limited materials. It does not include textbooks among other exclusions.


Admission Criteria

Applicants for the Diploma Programmes must have the following qualifications:-
• Holder of basic technical certificate (NTA level 4);
• Possession of Non – NTA certificate in relevant programmes;
• Holders of A’ level certificate;
• Ability to speak and write English clearly.


Application Procedures

The candidate must submit a dully-filled application form with the following attachments:
• Certified copies of academic certificates and transcript (statement of results);
• Current curriculum vitae (CV);
• A letter of recommendation from current employer or sponsor or from a person who is in a position to judge the candidate’s ability;
• A non-refundable application processing fee of US$ 20.00;
• Passport size photograph;

All documents accompanying the application must be in English.



Modules for Year 1

  • BST 05107 Elements of Business Mathematics
  • BST 05102 English Communication Skills
  • BST05201 Computer Applications
  • BST 05104 Basic Principles of Bookkeeping
  • BST 05201 Customer Care Skills
  • BST 05103 Office Records Management
  • BST 05104 Office Work Ethics
  • BST 05202 Job Organization and Scheduling
  • BST 05203 Work Measurement
  • BST 05106 Office Equipment Operation and Maintenance
  • BST 05105 Basic Principles of Management and Administration

Modules for Year 2

  • BST06106 General Management
  • BST 06111 Basic Communication Skills
  • BST06205 Human Resource Policies
  • BST06206 Labor Relations
  • BST06207 Job Analysis, Job Descriptions and Job Evaluation
  • BST06107 Human Resource Planning
  • BST06108 Recruitment and Selection
  • BST06109 Training and Development
  • BST06110 Performance Management
  • BST06204 Rewards Management
  • BST06208 Field Practical


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