Leon W Malisa

Ag Head, Executive Education unit at ESAMI

Mr Malisa is Management Consultant and Acting Head, Executive Education unit at ESAMI. While at ESAMI, Mr. Malisa also served as a Director Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovations (9 years); Manager- Marketing and Business Development (7 years); Principal Marketing Officer; and Associate Consultant, Marketing. Prior to joining ESAMI he was Operations Officer with the National Chemical Industries, a parastatal holding corporation of eight subsidiary companies in Tanzania.

Mr. Malisa negotiated and facilitated establishment of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovations at ESAMI. The Centre started in 2011 in partnership with Lund School of Economics and Management (Swedish University). Since its establishment, the centre has developed and delivered several short and long term training courses including the accredited Masters in Entrepreneurship.

As Manager- Marketing and Business Development; he was responsible for the overall marketing of ESAMI products and services in Africa and beyond. In addition to marketing and business development, he was responsible for coordination of ESAMI country offices located in ten member states in Africa.

Malisa has trained and consulted in the areas of Marketing Management, needs assessment, general management, customer service management, public relations and corporate communications. He is experienced management trainer and consultant.