Verbatim Reporting

Statement of Need

The legislature plays the important role of representation and making laws for a country or regional areas. Lawmakers represent the electorate through asking questions, making statements and presenting Bills and Motions. They engage in debates in the plenary and committee sittings in the process of lawmaking. On the other hand, courts of law play the important role of dispensing justice. Given the sensitive roles of the legislature and the judiciary, verbatim reporting has become an integral part of these processes in order to avoid misrepresentation in speech and action. Verbatim reporters are therefore an integral part of any legislature or court of law. For parliament and courts of law to effectively perform their functions, verbatim reporters and audio officers need to have a multiple set of skills in order to competently handle their duties.


Verbatim reporting plays a crucial role in capturing and preserving the exact words spoken in official proceedings, meetings, and events. The course emphasizes the importance of accuracy and accountability in verbatim reporting, ensuring that the records reflect what was actually said. By training participants in verbatim reporting techniques, the course aims to uphold the integrity of official records and transcripts. Verbatim reports often serve as legal and official records that may be used in various legal, administrative, and decision-making contexts. The course familiarizes participants with the legal and regulatory requirements for verbatim reporting, including any specific guidelines or standards that need to be followed. By ensuring compliance, participants can produce verbatim reports that meet legal and regulatory standards.

Verbatim reporting aims to capture the minutest details of verbal communication, including speaker identification, tone of voice, interruptions, and other verbal cues. The course trains participants to be diligent and meticulous in their reporting, ensuring that all relevant details are accurately recorded. By producing detailed and comprehensive records, verbatim reporting facilitates a clear and complete understanding of conversations and events. Verbatim reporting requires excellent listening and writing skills. The course focuses on enhancing participants’ communication abilities, including active listening, note-taking techniques, and concise writing. By improving their communication skills, participants can accurately capture and convey the information shared during meetings or events, facilitating effective communication and understanding among stakeholders.

Verbatim reports often contain sensitive or confidential information. The course emphasizes the importance of privacy and data security in verbatim reporting, highlighting the need to handle and store information appropriately. By understanding privacy regulations and adopting secure practices, participants can ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the information they handle.

Who Attends
  • Verbatim reporters, audio officers
  • First line editors of national parliaments, county assemblies and courts of law.
  • Parliamentary liaison officers in government ministries.
How participants will benefit
  • Appreciate the rationale for the process of the production of verbatim reports and tools of trade;
  • Apply hands-on reportorial techniques to improve individual effectiveness;
  • Recommend to accounting officers the appropriate hardware and software for professional, effective verbatim reporting; and,
  • Enhance their knowledge in reporting for plenary, committee and public hearings.