Strategic Recruitment and Selection

Start: Jan 29, 2024
End: Feb 9, 2024
Venue: Kampala - Uganda
Duration: 2 weeks
Statement of Need


Regardless of industry, business unit, or department, people are every organization’s key source of competitive advantage. In the war for talent, organizations have two choices: (1) develop strategic HR systems that support the recruitment and selection of highly qualified employees, or (2) hire employees with a poor fit, draining organizational resources and resulting in poor outcomes. Not only is recruiting the right people a difficult and daunting task, but selecting the best organizational fit is a significant challenge. Organizations must design a recruitment and selection process from a strategic perspective to successfully win the talent war. Human resource practitioners and other managers need to have a clear understanding of the recruitment and selection processes as the knowledge will facilitate in acquiring the right candidate for the right position at the right time.

This programme will focus on the best practices of strategic R & S. Throughout the programme you will be introduced to successful recruitment and selection programmes and methods that can be adapted to any organization.

Who Attends

Middle and senior-level HR officers/managers in human resources management and development, recruitment & selection committee members, public service commission officers.

How participants will benefit

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the complexities of recruitment and selection in the modern environment;
  • Write job descriptions and draw up person specifications;
  • List advertising opportunities including the use of websites;
  • Determine what knowledge, key competencies and abilities are required in a candidate;
  • Plan, prepare and conduct interviews;
  • Use an effective short-listing framework;
  • Convene an appropriate selection panel;
  • Employ competency-based interviewing techniques.

US$ 1500 to cover tuition and training materials only