Project Audit

Start: Jun 3, 2024
End: Jun 14, 2024
Venue: Dar es Salaam - Tanzania
Format: Two weeks
Duration: 2 weeks
Statement of Need

Project management is a complex undertaking that requires responsive management. For successful execution of activities, implementation must be carefully planned, managed and monitored. Stakeholders expect  the project to meet the desired results. Moreover, project risk management is a key cornerstone for successful implementation of projects.

Given the complexities and constraints of delivering project results, auditors have the critical role of ensuring project alignment to the strategy, project design and execution. Thus   project audit requires a carefully planned and executed audit plans. Besides, auditors need to strengthen their project management and review skills. This is the essence of this course.

Who Attends

The programme is relevant   for audit, finance, accounting and project management officers

How participants will benefit

At the end of the programme,  participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the importance of project management in result delivery.
  • Appreciate the role of auditing for the success of projects.
  • Demonstrate the link between audit risk and the project audit plan.
  • Develop and implement a project risk-based audit plan.
  • Learn how to execute Risk based auditing for projects.
  • Learn how to report and monitor project audits.

US$ 1600 to cover tuition and training materials