Legislation, Policy Intervention and Role of Committees in the County Assembly

Start: Oct 1, 2024
End: Oct 13, 2024
Venue: Dubai - UAE
Duration: 2 weeks
Statement of Need

The course aims to equip county assembly members with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively perform their legislative function. Participants will gain an understanding of the legislative process, including drafting and reviewing bills, considering policy interventions, and enacting laws that address the needs and priorities of their constituents. County assemblies play a crucial role in policy intervention, as they have the power to propose and review policies that can affect the development and governance of their respective counties. By providing training in policy analysis and intervention, the course empowers participants to engage in evidence-based decision-making, critically evaluate policies, and propose interventions that align with local needs and priorities. County assembly committees play a vital role in the legislative process by reviewing bills, conducting inquiries, and providing oversight of executive functions. The course aims to enhance participants’ understanding of the committee system, including their roles, powers, and responsibilities. This knowledge enables participants to effectively engage in committee work, contribute to robust legislative oversight, and ensure accountability in the county government. The course promotes principles of good governance and accountability within the county assembly context. By providing training on legislation and policy intervention, participants are better equipped to develop and enact laws that promote transparency, accountability, and effective service delivery. They can also utilize committees to enhance oversight, scrutinize executive actions, and ensure responsible use of resources.

In summary, the “Legislation, Policy Intervention, and Role of Committees in the County Assembly” course equips participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to fulfill their legislative function, engage in policy intervention, and collaborate effectively in the county assembly. By promoting good governance, accountability, local representation, and collaboration, the course aims to enhance the capacity of participants to actively contribute to the development and well-being of their respective counties.

How participants will benefit
  • Familiarizing participants with the stages and procedures involved in the legislative process at the county level.
  • Developing skills in drafting legislation, including bills, resolutions, and motions.
  • Developing the ability to critically analyze and interpret existing legislation at the county level.
  • Exploring the role of the county assembly in policy formulation, review, and evaluation.
  • Understanding the role and functions of committees in the county assembly.
  • Familiarizing participants with the rules of procedure and conduct for committees.
  • Understanding the role of committees in budget oversight and financial scrutiny.
  • Developing effective communication skills for engaging with stakeholders, including fellow MCAs, constituents, and executive officials.
  • Exploring the ethical considerations and standards for MCAs in the legislative process.

Understanding the importance of public participation in the legislative process.