Combating Money Laundering

Start: Mar 4, 2024
End: Mar 15, 2023
Venue: ESAMI Headquarters - Arusha - Tanzania
Duration: -51 weeks
Statement of Need

The programme on Combating Money Laundering addresses the pressing need for professionals to adhere to the strategies and guidelines outlined by the World Bank in combatting money laundering. Money laundering poses significant risks to the global financial system and undermines economic stability and development. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively implement the World Bank’s recommended strategies.

The programme emphasizes the importance of collaboration and cooperation among stakeholders, including financial institutions, regulatory bodies, and law enforcement agencies. Participants will gain insights into the World Bank’s strategies for enhancing coordination and information sharing to combat money laundering at both national and international levels.

Who Attends

Managers, Auditors, Accountants, Investigators, Bankers, Law enforcement officers, Security staff, Ethics commissioners, Ethics officers, Anti-Corruption bureau officers.

How participants will benefit

At the end of the Programme participants should be able to: –

  • Examine nature and impact of money laundering;
  • Review the efficacy of the international, regional and national strategies and Legal frameworks for combating money laundering;
  • Identify economic Efficient and effective strategies to prevent occurrence or recurrence.