More About Us

ESAMI’s target clients are government, regional and international institutions, NGOs, parastatals, private sector and national training institutions in the Eastern and Southern African region. ESAMI is a market leader in the industry in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In May 1997, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) officially designated ESAMI as ‘The African Centre of Excellence in Management Development”. With this recognition and enhanced mandate, fresh challenges were posed to the Institute. To meet Africa’s management challenge in the new millennium, ESAMI continues to provide high quality, client centred management training, consultancy and research for clients from all over Africa.


ESAMI’s mandate is to improve the performance and management effectiveness of public, private, civic, and international organizations in Africa. This is done through:

  • Management training and education;
  • Management consultancy and advisory services;
  • Management research, knowledge generation and publications, and
  • Promotion of best practices in management.

Since it became ESAMI in 1980, its performance record in all the three areas (training, consultancy and research) has expanded to meet the needs of the institutions operating in the region. For example, to date, over 85,000 middle and top-level personnel in the government, parastatal, NGOs and private sector organisations have attended management development programmes offered by the Institute. In addition, these managers/executives have been provided with opportunities to widen their horizons, improve executive skills and to understand management as a process of balanced judgement. The aim has always been to keep African Managers up-to-date with modern management thinking and at the same time enable them to take stock and examine their managerial or administrative responsibilities in the context of today’s dynamic environment.