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ESAMI has a core team of 28 professional management consultants drawn from the region. These are recruited on a competitive basis taking into consideration educational qualifications with masters degree as a minimum plus several years of relevant experience. ESAMI's capability is largely ingrained in its high level trained and experienced faculty who understand the countries they are working with and have a wealth of experience gained over the years from interactions with clientele of varied backgrounds and countries. ESAMI faculty are experts in the following areas:


  • Policy and Public Administration
  • Human Resources management and Administration
  • Finance, Banking and Asset Management
  • Energy and Environment management
  • Procurement and supplies management
  • Infrastructure, Transport and Fleet management
  • Customer service, PR and Corporate Communication
  • Information Technology, Records management and knowledge management
  • Governance, Ethics and accountability
  • Institutional strengthening, Organisational Review and Strategic Planning
  • Business process re-engineering and Change management
  • Performance and results based management
  • Public expenditure, financial planning and risk management
  • Project management and Monitoring & evaluation
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Leadership skills
  • Entreprenuership and innovations
  • Health services management
  • Gender and development management etc

Besides the core team ESAMI has a roaster of  experts in various fields who can be called in as resource persons/associates to provide input where necessary.



2 Jul 2018
  BUSINESS SCHOOL CALENDAR FOR 2018   ESAMI Business School is inviting applications for its degree programmes scheduled to commence as below.     DBA COMMENC...
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