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Governance and Public Sector Management
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Course Title: Institutional Aspects of Public Policy Formulation and Implementation

Venue: ESAMI Headquarters, Arusha, TANZANIA  
Learning Duration:  2 Weeks 
Starting: 12 Nov 2018  Ending: 23 Nov 2018
Fees: 1500 USD
Payment Details: To cover tuition and training materials only.

The contribution of a country’s general institutional rules in influencing the success or failure of public policies is generally accepted as being quite important. The outcomes of public policies depend on the active involvement of various actors, the general rules and regulations; and the respective roles of government, parliament and the citizens, the general level of regional and local autonomy, the rule of law and/or the courts.  The linkage between the institutions in the public sector is important for ordinary citizens, but it may be especially significant for the members of those institutions, given the involvement of politicians and public servants in making and implementing public policy. These linkages are reciprocal, as institutions constrain the actions of their members, but individuals also shape the institutions within which they function. The members of the institution can be conceptualized as linkages with external political and social forces that also want to shape the institution and the policies adopted through the institution.

At the end of the two week course participants will be able to:
    • List and describe the phases of the policy process
    • Identify policy problems and propose possible solutions to the problems
    • Suggest ways of coordinating policies at different levels and across several institutions
    • Design an effective monitoring and evaluation system
    • List relevant Policy/program Implementation Agencies and their respective roles
    • Describe the appropriate regulatory environment
    • Engage the citizens in the policy dialogue
    • Identify mechanisms for strengthening institutional capacity for policy formulation and management
    • Establish a mechanism for engaging relevant stakeholder engagement for better policy dialogue
    •   Suggest ways to improve communication of government policy priorities and directions
    •   Identify conditions for successful implementation of policy and/or causes of policy failure

Senior government officers in core ministries; planning officers in in line ministries; Senior Officers in Local Government; and Representatives of Development Agencies and NGOs

    • Overview of the policy process
    • Policy making and coordination at various levels
    • Policy/program Implementation Agencies
    • Program Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Regulatory environment, Bureaucratic controls and Transparency of Actors
    • Engaging the citizens in the policy dialogue
    • Strengthening institutional capacity for policy formulation and management
    • Stakeholder engagement and dialogue
    • Non-Governmental stakeholders in Policy Dialogue and mechanisms for providing feedback to these stakeholders
    • Improving internal and external communication of government policy priorities and direction
    • Strategies for strengthening national capacity for policy analysis
    • Conditions for successful implementation of policy

Course No:  2018-11-12-3-11-2044



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