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Course Title: Advanced Works Procurement and Selection of Consultants

Venue: Kampala, UGANDA  
Learning Duration:  4 Weeks 
Starting: 3 Sep 2018  Ending: 28 Sep 2018
Fees: 5750 USD
Payment Details: To cover tuition and training materials only.


Billions of dollars have been invested and will continue to be invested in development projects and services. Funding for these projects has been achieved through a combination of internally generated funds as well as funding provided by bilateral and multilateral sources including the world Bank and African Development Bank. In order to improve the procurement process and expedite the implementation of development projects, ESAMI in collaboration with the World Bank, has designed a series of procurement training programmes.

The programme is designed to assist participants to consolidate and enhance their knowledge about public procurement practices, policies and procedures for ensuring accountability and transparency in the process of procuring work contracts. It will boost the participant’s skills to plan and carry out the procurement functions efficiently and effectively and where applicable in accordance with the guidelines and procedures of international development financing institutions.



Those that have completed the ESAMI Basic Works Procurement and the Selection

of Consultants Course or a similar course elsewhere. These may include Middle to

Senior level public and private sector procurement staff, including staff of projects

funded by International donor community as well as National Tender Board staff

and Municipal Council Officers handling tenders. Nominees may include procurement managers and specialists, Civil Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Lawyers, Work Superintendents etc.



At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Explain the procurement process for works;

  • Handle procurement processes of large works projects:

  • Explain the consultant Selection Process;

  • Handle selection aspects including;

  • Expressions of interest;

  • Terms of Reference;

  • Short-Listing.

  • Preparing of RSFP;

  • Preparing evaluation criteria and evaluation reports;

  • Enhanced ability to supervise consulting services for design and/or project implementation.



Topics to be presented will include:

  • Advanced works procurement topics;

  • Review of the procurement guidelines;

  • The procurement process and procurement methods;

  • Procurement planning;

  • Advertisement;

  • Pre-qualification;

  • The standard bidding documents for Works with particular reference to SBD large works;

  • Bid evaluation;

  • Project implementation issues;

  • Claims and claim settlement;

  • Advanced selection and employment of consultants’ topics;

  • Review of consultant guidelines;

  • Consultancy services: Policies, QCBS process, other methods;

  • Short-listing process;

  • Terms of reference;

  • Standard request of proposals;

  • Technical and financial evaluation of proposals;

  • Conflict of interest situations;

  • Dealing with fraud and corruption.

Course No:  2018-09-03-3-13-1997

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