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Energy and Environmental management
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Course Title: Environmental Impact Assessment of Projects

Venue: ESAMI Headquarters, Arusha, TANZANIA  
Learning Duration:  3 weeks 
Starting: 14 May 2018  Ending: 1 Jun 2018
Fees: 2200 USD
Payment Details: to cover tuition and training materials only

New public & private sector investment projects and rehabilitation projects may impact on the environment and society positively and as well as negatively. Negative environmental and social impacts can be identified early in the project planning and design stages by conducting Environmental (& Social) Impact Assessment (EIA/ESIA). The lack of such undertaking could lead to a large number of environmental and social costs and impacts. The environmental and social assessment process provides proponents and decision makers, as well as members of the public, with an understanding of the potential environmental effects of proposed action, so as to avoid or minimize adverse effects wherever possible bearing in mind the costs and benefits of using the environmental resource in the particular project. EIA/ESIA is an important tool for making the right decisions and for designing better and more sustainable projects, plans and policies. Participants will use EIA/ESIA to take into consideration the economic, social and environmental impacts of projects and decide on appropriate mitigation actions.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
    • Examine the legal, policy and administrative framework for EIA/ESIA;
    • Develop the procedures and terms of reference (TOR) for carrying out; environmental and social impact assessments (EIA/ESIA);
    • Examine and practice using different screening criteria to projects in order to identify projects to undergo full EIA/ESA
    • Conduct scoping studies to identify potential environmental concerns in projects;
    • Predict and analyze potential impacts of proposed projects
    • Examine techniques for public involvement in environmental and social impact assessments;
    • Write and appraise EIA/ESIA reports;
    • Develop and implement an environmental management plan (EMP) complete with a mitigation and monitoring plan

Officials involved in planning, designing and managing new projects including rehabilitation and redesigning existing projects and have to provide oversight or carry out environmental and social impact assessments from Central and Local Government institutions. Decision makers who appraise, review, and finance proposed new projects from private sector companies and NGOs are also eligible to attend.  

    • Background & history of the EIA/ESIA concept;
    • Nature and scope of environmental & social issues and impacts;
    • Principles of EIA/ESIA administration and practice;
    • Key elements of the EIA/ESIA process;
    • Costs and benefits of EIA/ESIA;
    • Law, policy and administrative arrangement for EIA/ESIA;
    • Public involvement in EIA/ESIA;
    • Screening projects for EIA/ESIA;
    • Scoping studies;
    • Drafting EIA/ESIA study Terms of Reference (TOR);
    • Impact identification and analysis;
    • Economic analysis & valuation of impacts;
    • EIA/ESIA Reports;
    • Review of EIA/ESIA quality;
    • EIA/ESIA decision-making;
    • Mitigation & impact management (Environmental management plans (EMP).

Course No:  2018-05-14-3-14-1937



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