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Finance and Banking
Finance is the study of how people allocate their assets over time under conditions of certainty and uncertainty.
Banking can be defined as the business activity of accepting and safeguarding money owned by other individuals and entities, and then lending out this money in order to earn a profit.
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Course Title: Financial Governance of Regulatory Authorities

Venue: ESAMI Headquarters, Arusha, TANZANIA  
Learning Duration:  2 weeks 
Starting: 5 Jun 2017  Ending: 16 Jun 2017
Fees: 1500 USD
Payment Details: to cover tuition and training materials only.

In the wake of increasing challenges and difficulties in this area of concern, especially when governments in the region are increasingly becoming aware the demand for quality regulatory services in the areas of service provisioning, this course comes in at a most appropriate time. Regulators as a result, are under unprecedented pressure, facing a range of demands, often contradictory in nature: be less intrusive – but be more effective; be kinder and gentler – but do not let the bandits get away with anything; focus your efforts but be consistent; process things quicker – and be more careful next time; deal with important issues – but do not stray outside your statutory authority; be more responsive to the regulated community – but still deliver value-for-money services. The course focuses on responsibilities execution of regulatory authorities with a "value-for-money" and cost effectiveness focus.


Senior finance and other relevant officers of management teams of independent /autonomous authorities, who are saddled with regulatory responsibilities in such key sensitive areas like water, power and energy, pension/mutual funds institutions, transport services, to name but a few.


At the end of the course participating officers will be able to:

  • Apply a variety of tools and methods for monitoring the performance of institutions

under their docket;

  • Apply the gained knowledge in the design of performance evaluation frameworks;
  • Apply principles to implement plausible/sustainable yet flexible Regulator

funding arrangements;

  • Carry out their own Regulator performance evaluation;
  • Implement Financial management systems consistent with key responsibilities;
  • Apply financial regulatory principles to prevent undue influence from the regulated



  • Discussion of Key factors/drivers for creation of a regulatory authority;
  • Financial Mobilization and management
  • Good Financial Governance
  • Regulator Performance Target Setting and Preventing undue influences;
  • Board Membership and Decision making models
  • Audit & Governance of Regulatory Authorities.

Course No:  2017-06-05-3-9-1866



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