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Short Course: Energy And Environmental Management

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Course Title: Environmental Management in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Venue: Blantyre, MALAWI  
Learning Duration:  3 weeks 
Starting: 24 Apr 2017  Ending: 12 May 2017
Fees: 2200 USD
Payment Details: to cover tuition and training materials only.

The boom in oil and gas exploration and prospecting on the African continent is increasing by the day. Exploration and prospecting activities are going on in almost all countries from West to East and Southern Africa. The oil and gas sector will continue to grow in Africa in the foreseeable future and will contribute significantly to the GDP of the African economy.

The oil and gas exploration, prospecting and production activities have always been a major source of negative environmental effects. Oil spills, damaged land, accidents and fires, displacement of communities, air and water pollution have been recorded in various places. The oil and gas industry has worked for a long time to meet the challenge of providing environmental protection. It is incumbent upon Africa to learn from the lessons of other continents in dealing with environmental issues in the oil and gas sector.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Review the basic elements of oil and gas exploration and production cycle;
  • Identify the key environmental concerns and impacts in the oil and gas

exploration and production cycle;

  • Examine the national and international regulatory frameworks and

institutional factors in oil and gas sector;

  • Examine operational practices and procedures for integrating

environmental management in oil and gas exploration and production;

  • Implement environmental management strategies in oil and gas exploration and production


Planners, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Environmentalists from central and local government ministries and departments, oil and gas industries, regulatory agencies, banking industry, consulting and research sector, and the NGO sector.TOPICS INCLUDE

  • Overview of the oil and gas exploration and production process;
  • Potential environmental impacts;
  • Regulatory framework, institutional factors and infrastructure;
  • Environmental management in the oil and gas industry.
  • Operational practices and procedures.

Course No:  2017-04-24-3-14-1773



5 May 2017
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