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Short Course: Corporate Intrapreneurship

Course Title: Protocol and Event Management

Venue: ESAMI Headquarters, Arusha, TANZANIA  
Learning Duration:  2 weeks 
Starting: 24 Jul 2017  Ending: 4 Aug 2017
Fees: 1500 USD
Payment Details: to cover tuition and training materials only.

In today's business and diplomatic world, Protocol has become a sophisticated and a strategic asset. Protocol guides how we behave socially, conduct business and interact in specific situations. This has positively impacted on how people live and work together, with less friction caused at time by barriers in the socio-cultural environment that we operate in. Traditionally protocol tended to have a narrow definition and therefore was classified as operational rather than strategic significance. Protocol is more than escorting visitors and order of precedence. In government and corporate world, it enables people of diverse backgrounds and social orientations to carry on business in a friendly atmosphere and manage today's complex and cosmopolitan world with ease and finesse.

In view of the foregoing, well managed corporate events with a blend of appropriate protocol procedures enhances corporate image. A well-executed event creates a lasting and positive impression on your audience and motivates them to relate with your organization in their future business. This course has been designed as two interrelated modules that will benefit participants by exploring the links between protocol and events management.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Increase and strengthen participants' protocol and etiquette skills in handling dignitaries and VIPS;
  • Equip participant with skills to navigate today's culturally diverse business environment;
  • Develop participants' skills in orchestrating VIPs, visits, meetings, ceremonies and special events;
  • Identify the various tasks in management of events and the human and physical resources required to stage successful events;
  • Equip participants with skills to organize events without the help of event coordinators thus saving the organization some money;
  • Review and determine the different marketing strategies appropriate for the event being managed;
  • Promote acceptable manners and respect for others.


Protocol officers, Public Relations Personnel, Event Planners, Managers and Coordinators, Administrative Personnel responsible for coordination of events and staff involved in Protocol and handling VIPS and Diplomats.


  • Protocol procedures;
  • Introductions, titles and forms of address;
  • Proper order of precedence;
  • Business and social etiquette;
  • Dress and grooming;
  • Dining and table manners;
  • Etiquette in giving and receiving gifts;
  • VIP visits, itineraries, overseas travel and entertainment;
  • Handling cultural differences;

Event Management

  • Event planning, coordinating, management and logistics;
  • Pre and post event meetings;
  • Event budgets;
  • Event promotion and fundraising;
  • Negotiation with event vendors;
  • Guest safety and security;
  • Technology in events;
  • Event crisis management.

Course No:  2017-07-24-3-17-1742

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