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Governance and Public Sector Management
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Course Title: Leadership, Good Governance and Financial Management in the Public Sector

Venue: Mombasa, KENYA  
Learning Duration:  2 weeks 
Starting: 4 Dec 2017  Ending: 15 Dec 2017
Fees: 1500 USD
Payment Details: to cover tuition and training materials only.

Enhanced leadership, good governance and financial management in the public sector has been a running theme for more than a decade. Effective leadership in the public sector spurs productivity; good governance leads to better development results and sound financial management enhances the stakeholders' confidence in the leadership and initiatives that an organisation chooses to pursue. This course prepares managers who are newly promoted and those aspiring to be promoted to take on the leadership role with greater confidence and to embrace the principles of good governance and sound financial management practices.


At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Apply transformational leadership skills;
  • Analyse the role of leaders in developing and actualizing the vision for their


  • Explain how to successfully implement and lead change initiatives in your organisation and department;
  • Boost personal effectiveness and those of others by becoming more proactive and a decision architect and sustain the performance of the organisation and your employees;
  • Apply leadership principles to safeguard public assets and detect fraud;
  • Describe the principles and practice of good governance;
  • Enhance allocative, administrative, absorptive capacity for the financial resources earmarked for planned activities;
  • Improve financial management skills;
  • Undertake enterprise risk management


Directors, deputy directors, finance managers, human resource managers, project managers, senior and principal economists, heads of sections and those aspiring to occupy leadership positions in the public sector. Those working in projects that are financed by development partners will also benefit from the course.


  • The role of leadership in the public sector;
  • Leadership challenges;
  • Transformational leadership;
  • 360 degrees leadership;
  • BLUE OCEAN leadership;
  • Leading change initiatives;
  • Results based leadership;
  • Conflict management, negotiation skills and decision making
  • Cornerstones of good governance;
  • The board and management interface;
  • Ethics and integrity in the public sector;
  • The nature of public finance;
  • The budget and medium term expenditure framework;
  • Public sector financial management reforms;
  • Performance based budgeting;
  • Enterprise risk management;
  • Enhancing budget implementation.

Course No:  2017-12-04-3-11-1691



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