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Course Title: Fundamentals of Development Planning

Venue: Kampala, UGANDA  
Learning Duration:  2 weeks 
Starting: 10 Jul 2017  Ending: 21 Jul 2017
Fees: 1500 USD
Payment Details: to cover tuition and training materials only.

Development planning processes are a vital aspect in prioritizing the key drivers of economic development in any country. These processes significantly shape the destiny of a country. They prioritize the areas in which scarce resources are targeted and align the entire government development agenda to address economic and social needs of the country. Engaging in evidence based analysis of the key sectors of the economy, relating this analysis to international and regional development agenda and contextualizing priorities that best suit the economy is critical as is deciphering megatrends and emerging scenarios in a global geopolitical landscape.


At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Explain the key concepts of development planning and different

types of development loans;

  • Analyse the challenges involved in the formulation of various development plans;
  • Utilize participatory development planning techniques and

Appropriate tools for development planning;

  • Prioritize development needs and develop strategies to address these needs in the national development plans;
  • Analyse and develop different future scenarios and projections required for national development planning;
  • Design, implement, monitor and evaluate development plans;
  • Map the key sectors and develop a resource allocation criterion across the sectors.


Policy makers, planners and economists in the Ministry of Planning and those working in the National Planning Authorities, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. Representatives from other Ministries serving in similar capacities may also benefit from the course. Local Government Trade and Investment Committees would also benefit.


  • Context of and processes in national development planning;
  • Global and regional development priorities
  • Understanding the national economy & its sectors;
  • Sector-wide approaches to development planning
  • Sector-Wide Group (SWG) and Lead Agencies;
  • Sector and sub-sector analysis;
  • Stakeholders analysis;
  • Developing social and economic clusters
  • Cluster, sub-sector and sector priorities
  • National development priorities;
  • Megatrends, scenario planning and future scenarios building;
  • National development pillars;
  • Developing national strategies to achieve development priorities;
  • Policy formulation and implementation;
  • Institutional framework for implementation, monitoring & evaluation of national development plans;
  • Local Government development plans.

Course No:  2017-07-10-3-11-1685



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