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Information Communication Technology

The ICT programme has been widely acclaimed as one of the most competitive programmes in the region.
The programme covers specializations in the areas of Hardware, Software and Design in addition to equipping
the student with a wide range of skills and knowledge necessary for any Information Technology professional.

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Course Title: Records Management

Venue: Lusaka, ZAMBIA  
Learning Duration:  3 weeks 
Starting: 22 May 2017  Ending: 9 Jun 2017
Fees: 2200 USD
Payment Details: to cover tuition and training materials only.

The existence of such artefacts as papyrus, stones, veal etc., on which early human being recorded what transpired during his/her time has enable us to have a glimpse of the time then. Without that we would have no history and therefore no culture. We would continue to re-invent the wheel, as it were. In modern times when information and knowledge are critical resources in decision making, planning and control it becomes important there are systems to capture the information and knowledge that the modern manager requires to make decisions. Accurate, timely, precise and relevant information can make a big difference between winning and losing. Organization must therefore set up systems for enabling them to get the information they require.


  • Design, and develop and manage an effective and efficient records management system;
  • Develop a records management strategy for the organization;
  • Draw up and implement a security and vital records management programme; Conduct a records inventory or survey;
  • Draw up, implement and evaluate a records retention and disposal schedule;
  • Apply computer skills in managing records; Vital Records Management;

Security of records and information; Professional Ethics;

  • Appreciate e-Records Management; and Evaluation of Records

Management Systems


Records management staff in various fields, Documentarists, Archivists, Librarians.TOPICS INCLUDE

  • Vital Records Management;
  • Security of Records and information;
  • Professional Ethics;
  • An introduction to e-Records Management;
  • Evaluation of Records Management systems;
  • Organization-wide Integrated Records Management System inter alia.

Course No:  2017-05-22-3-10-1679



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